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Gifted and Talented GT

Carver's GT

What is GT (Gifted and Talented)?

The purpose of the program is to challenge students who have been identified as gifted and talented in reading and/or math, which means scoring at the 95th percentile on three state approved assessments. In District 11, we also serve tier-2 students, who score at the 85th percentile or higher in reading and/or math. Gifted and Talented education is required by state law in every Colorado school district.   

What does GT look like at Carver?

 Students are pulled out and serviced by Lori Morrow, Carver's GT teacher. They receive challenging activities in their identified talent area/s. Activities may include pre-algebra, drawing blueprints that incorporate volume and area and/or researching and creating a power-point that displays data, solutions and personal recommendations to a specific world problem. 

For more information or questions about Carver's GT program, please contact Lori Morrow at or 719-328-4969.